The University of Fujairah – College of Business Administration started its course offering
during the year 2006. That time first two associate degrees are offered as part of its
initial accreditation and in 2010 the College of Business Administration offers three
major areas in Business Administration: BBA-General, Finance and Human Resource
Management. The College of Business Administration as one of the pioneer program
contributes to the demand of the labor market. Thru our programs we are part of nation
building and at the same time producing competent and competitive graduates ready
for the multicultural and ever changing demands in the market.
The College of Business Administration at University of Fujairah is committed to
providing its student learners with modern and practical educational environment that
will expose them to modern day competition while preparing for their future.

Dean Message

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I welcome you to the College of Business
Administration (CBA)
Our mission is to equip students with the relevant broad base of knowledge and skills to
make them competent and responsible leaders within the competitive and dynamic
national and global business environment. We offer Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA) general, and BBA major in Banking and Finance; and, Human
Resource Management.   Our curriculum is designed to prepare our student learners to
be a future manager and leader of this great nation. Therefore, building the foundation
necessary for knowledge, skills and attitude is essential for their growth and
The College of Business Administration (CBA) has the pleasure to announce the
launching of the MBA program. It is the first MBA program in the Eastern region of the
We are very fortunate to have talented faculty and dedicated staff that are always
accessible and engaged in the continuous development of our students. We are proud

of the accomplishments of our faculty and staff, and we are here “Together Towards a
Better Future”.

(UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM) Mission - Goals - Objectives
The College of Business Administration (CBA) educates students from diverse
backgrounds in the fundamental skills, knowledge, and practice of business administration to
become productive managers and leaders in their respective fields. The programs help develop
practice-oriented specialists, innovative leaders and knowledge experts to deliver in a dynamic,
ever changing business environment.
1. Develop practice-oriented approach to learning and cultivating the continuous
improvement model based on inputs from diverse stakeholders.
2. Create and developing intellectual contributions that help in addressing
contemporary issues of business community.
3. Integrate curriculum initiatives with practical insights to advance management
4. Align curriculum with market demands and socio-economic factors incorporating
flexible and innovative learning approaches.
5. Enhance the reputation of undergraduate programs by improving quality and
1. Provide students with appropriate series of courses for Associate of Arts in Business
Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration.
2. Provide academic advising for business administration students.
3. Provide continuous review of courses and teaching methods to increase the success of
students in meeting the program learning outcomes.
(GRADUATE PROGRAM) Mission - Goals
The MBA Program aspires to provide and develop advanced knowledge; skills and
relevant learning experiences, through applied research, for middle-level and upper-level
executives, working professionals, as well as entrepreneurs to develop appropriate high-
level managerial competencies in order for them to assume more meaningful roles in their
respective organizations, business disciplines or professions and to deliver significant
contributions to the society in general.
The following are the main features of MBA program:
1. To fully comply with the QF-Emirates and international best practices for MBA , the
research component of the program is addressed by:
a. Incorporating a separate course on business research methods (i.e. MBA602
Business Research Methods) into the list of core courses of the program. This
course aims at providing students with the necessary research methods,
techniques and tools necessary for conducting in-depth research papers and
assignments of major business problems covered by other courses that address
the main functional areas of business (i.e. marketing, finance, operations,
business information technology, global business, human resource management
and planning).
b. Designing an assessment regime that is based on a limited number of in-depth
written assignments (i.e. research papers) and apply this methodology for all
courses of the program.

2. The main objective of the program is to develop students into leaders ready to tackle the
challenges of today's global business environment and strengthen their managerial
competencies through the provision of learning experiences emphasizing critical and
analytical decision-making and strategic approaches to organizational problem solving
alongside inculcating ethical leadership and effective teamwork.
3. The learning outcomes of the program have been specified in such a way they reflect
the ability of students to:
a. have and effectively use highly specialized knowledge of business functional areas;
b. use research methods and techniques, synthesis and critique to effectively analyze
problems and develop solutions;
c. understand the integrative nature of business;
d. function effectively within a team, either as a team member or a leader who thinks
globally; and
e. communicate effectively.

1. Enable students to integrate and critically appraise knowledge, theories, models and
practices across the disciplines.

2. Develop and enhance effective decision-making and problem-solving skills.
3. Develop students’ ability to manage organizational circumstances with a global
4. Enhance students’ awareness and understanding of the social, ethical and legal
responsibilities of the organization.
5. Develop effective-leadership skills, collaboration skills and interpersonal skills.
6. Help students demonstrate effective oral and written communication, as well as
presentation skills.
7. Develop students’ competent understanding of the role of information technologies in the

Community Engagement

We at University of Fujairah – College of Business Administration plays active leading role in various
activities to the communities and societies. The role showcases our true nature of helping and assisting
communities and societies to contributes to their growth and development. We lead by example in
preparing those activities that will impact and at the same time will provide sustainable results. Our
students and other parties involved in this activity makes it as our social responsibility for the future. We
at UOF College of Business Administration participated in various activities and looking forward to reach
other communities.

 Participated in the (Fujairah Career Fair and Education).

 Participated in the GITEX for technology and innovation.
 Participated in the Sharjah Book Fair.
 Visits at Fujairah Center for Care and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities
 Visits at UAE Red Crescent
 Visits at Emirates Environmental Group
 Visits at Fujairah Civil Defense
 Visits at Ibn Nafis School for Boys (Fujairah)
 Visits at Ministry of Education (Kalba/Khorfakkan)
 Visits at Fujairah Hospital

Aside from the list above we actively participated in bring in top lecturer from industry and
corporate in our university.
• At UOF College of Business Administration, we are inviting experts and practitioners in different
field of specialization in order for our students to get first hand information of interesting topics
including trends and developments in the field of business and management.
• Open lecture series is the avenue for students to interact with guest speakers, contact persons
and practitioners in order to gained holistic approach in various topics/areas of business and

Academic Programs

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

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Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance

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Bachelor of Business Administration (General)

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Academic Staff

Munther Talal Momany
Ambili Balachandran
Joseph George Lutta
Nadir Ali Bux