BBA - General


Bachelor of Business Administration (General) program is designed for students seeking to acquire a high level of knowledge from a broad base of business concepts to create solutions to contemporary business problems.


The aim of BBA- General is for the graduates to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the effective and efficient planning, coordination, and administration of organizational resources, processes and systems. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and skills of the core business functions for handling tasks and responsibilities faced by managers in delegating, decision making, problem-solving and communicating
  2. Assess various internal and external forces that impact domestic and international business.
  3. Develop viable alternatives and make effective decisions utilizing human, financial and material resources of the organization.
  4. Identify and analyze relevant global factors that can impact decision making.
  5. Design innovative business ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives.
  6. Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills.
Summary of Courses and distribution of Total Credits
Category Credit Hours
Compulsory Elective Total
General Education (University Requirements) 30 6 36
College Requirements (Core Courses) 66 0 66
Program Requirements 18 6 24
Total Credits Hours 114 12 126
University Requirements (General Education): 36 Credit Hours
1- Compulsory Courses: 30 Credit Hours  
Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
ENG110101 Academic Writing I 3 TOEFL / IELTS
MATH130101 Mathematics 3
IT140101 Computer Applications 3
HUM160101 Islamic Studies 3
HUM160102 Introduction to Humanities 3
SSCI170101 Introduction to Psychology 3
ENG110102 Academic Writing II 3 ENG110101
SSCI170102 Introduction to Sociology 3
SSCI170103 Ethics and Citizenship Rights 3
NSCI180101 Introduction to Environmental Science 3
  Total Credit Hours 30
  2- Elective Courses: 6 Credit Hours from the following:-
Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
 SSCI170104  Logic and Critical Thinking  3
 ENG110103  Public Speaking 3
ARAB120101 Arabic Composition and Report Writing 3
SSCI170105 Introduction to Political Science 3
Total Credit Hours 6
College Requirements: 66 Credit Hours
1- Core Courses: 18 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
BUS400101 Introduction to Business Administration (IBA) 3
BUS400202 Principles of Financial Accounting I 3
BUS400201 Business Communication 3 ENG110101
BUS400203  Principles of Management 3 BUS400101
MATH130202 Introduction to Statistics 3 MATH130101
IT300201 Management Information Systems I 3 IT140101
Total Credit Hours 18
2- Lower Core Courses: 24 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
BUS400301 International Business 3 BUS400203
BUS400303 Microeconomics 3 MATH130101
BUS400304 Organizational Behavior 3 BUS400203
BUS400302 Managerial Accounting 3 BUS400202
BUS400404 Principles of Marketing 3 BUS400303
BUS400403 Macroeconomics 3 BUS400303
BUS400402 Corporate Financial Management 3 BUS400302,MATH130102
BUS400401 Business Law 3 BUS400201
 Total Credit Hours 24
3- Upper Core Courses: 24 credit hours
Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
BUS400501 Organizational Theory 3 BUS400203
BUS400502 Principles of Financial Accounting II 3 BUS400202
BUS400503 Quantitative Analysis for Business 3 BUS400203,MATH130102
BUS400601 Globalization 3 BUS400301
BUS400602 Operations Management 3 BUS400503
BUS400701 Business Ethics 3 SSCI170103,BUS400101
BUS400702 Research Methodology 3 ENG110102,MATH130102
BUS400801 Strategic Management (Capstone Course) 3 BUS400702,and Completion of 90 credit hrs.
Total Credit Hours 24
Program Requirements: 24 Credit Hours
1- Compulsory Courses: 18 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
BUS410601 Project Management 3
BUS440702 Islamic Banking and Finance 3
BUS440802 International Finance 3
BUS450501 Human Resources Management 3
BUS450702 Training and Development 3
BUS450802 UAE Labor Law and Employment Relations 3
Total Credit Hours 18
2- Elective Courses: 6 Credit Hours from the following:
Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
BUS410711 Entrepreneurship 3 BUS400203
BUS430711 Tourism and Hospitality Management 3 BUS400404
BUS430811 E-Business Fundamentals 3 IT300201
BUS430812 Supply Chain Management 3 BUS400404
BUS440711 Feasibility Study and Projects Evaluation 3 BUS400403,BUS400402
BUS450711 Total Quality Management 3 BUS400203
BUS450811 Insurance and Risk Management BUS400402
Total Credit Hours 6

Semester 1 - Year 1

Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
ENG110101 Academic Writing I 3 TOEFL / IELTS
MATH130101 Mathematics 3
IT140101 Computer Applications 3
HUM160101 Islamic Studies 3
BUS400101 Introduction to Business Administration 3
Total Credit Hours 15  

Academic Writing 1

ENG110101, Academic Writing I, (3, TOEFL / IELTS):- This course aims at preparing students for freshman composition while reinforcing the grammar and the reading skills. Students are required to use clear and effective, argumentative prose, with particular emphasis on organization, clarity and coherence when writing essays. The essay structure will be introduced and students will acquire these specific writing skills in following a step by step approach. English language skills will include further intermediate level grammar study that will also focus on introducing more academic vocabulary.


MATH130101, Mathematics, (3):- This is a course in algebra, similar to high school courses in algebra, except that the pace will be faster. We will begin with linear equations in one variable and cover up through roots of polynomials. Topics selected from the following: Linear, quadratic, and polynomial equations, Rational expressions and equations, exponential and radical expressions.  If time permits, we may also see some topics from systems of equations and linear programming.

Computer Applications

MATH130101, Computer Applications, (3):- This is an introductory course to computer applications and information technology. Concepts include terminology, computer hardware, software, and networks as well as the impact of computers on the society along with the ethical issues in computing and the trends in information technology and the commonly used application software.  Students use a microcomputer with word processor, electronic spreadsheet, database management system, and presentation software to process data and present useful information.

Islamic Studies

MATH130101, Islamic Studies, (3):- مفهوم الثقافة الاسلامية، مقومات ومميزات الثقافة الاسلامية، نشأت ومفهوم الدين , موقف الاسلام من العلم , بيان مفهوم العقيدة الالسلامية , موقف الاسلام من الفرق الضالة , الشريعة الاسلامية ومصادر التشريع في الاسلام , اركان الايمان , موقف الالسلام من الفرق الضالة , التشريعة الاسلامية ومصادر التشريع في الاسلام , خصائص التشريع الاسلامي، رد شبهات حو لبعض التشريعات كتعدد الزوجات وحقوق المرأة والحدود في الاقتصاد : العملوالكسب , المال والملكية , خصائص الاقتصاد , العبادات في الالسلام , أنواعها وأهميتها وآثاؤها في النفس والمجتمع , الاخلاق في الاسلام , فائدتها وأهميتها وآثارها في النفس والمجتمع , الاخلاق في الالسلام فائدتها وأهميتها , تحديات الثقافة الاسلامية , الغزو الفكري , العلمانية , العوملة وكيف نجابه أخطارها في المجالات المحتلفة اقتصاديا وسياسيا واجتماعيا وثقافيا

Introduction to Business Administration

MATH130101, Introduction to Business Administration, (3):- This course deals with understanding of the contemporary business environment, in which topics covered include an understanding of the business system; conducting business ethically and responsibly; entrepreneurship and small businesses; managing the business enterprise; organizing the business enterprise; marketing; human resources and the composition of the workforce and other related topics.

Semester 2 - Year 1

Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
BUS130101 Introduction to Statistics 3 MATH130101
SSCI170101 Introduction to Psychology 3
IT300201 Management Information Systems I 3 IT 140101
BUS400201 Business Communication 3 ENG 110101, BUS 400101
BUS400202 Principles of  Financial Accounting I 3 MATH 130101
BUS400203 Principles of Management 3 BUS 400101
Total Credit Hours 18

Introduction to Statistics

MATH130102, Introduction to Statistics, (3, MATH 130101):- This course provides an overview of a statistics addressing: discrete populations, samples, organization of data, measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability, estimations, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression analysis.

Introduction to Psychology

SSCI170101, Introduction to Psychology, (3):- This course provides a general introduction to Psychology—its basic subject matter, its approaches to gathering and evaluating evidence about the causes of behavior, and the means psychological knowledge is (or can be) applied to improve the quality of individual and communal life.

Management Information Systems I 

IT300201, Management Information Systems I, (3, IT 140101):- This course provides an overview of management information systems (MIS), which includes concepts, applications and data handling including fundamentals of computer-based technology. The course will expose the students to various types of information management systems in use today. The course will also use business-based software to support managerial decisions. Major topics include: the information age; business initiatives; data resource management; decision analysis; emerging technologies and e-commerce; systems development; IT Infrastructures and business-driven technology; computer crime and forensics; building an e-portfolio; security management and ethics of e-business.

Business Communication

BUS400201,Business Communication, (3, ENG110101, BUS400101):- This course emphasizes the importance of effective written and spoken communication within a business setting.  This course will equip students with the skills to produce clear and concise business documents and to deliver engaging messages in various business contexts.

Principles of Financial Accounting 1

BUS400202, Principles of Financial Accounting 1, (3, MATH130101):- An introduction to accounting principles including: measurement, evaluation and accumulation of accounting data. Financial accounting is concerned with providing information to the different users (External and Internal). The course covers the accounting cycle, adjustments, merchandising operations, and preparation of financial statements. Emphasis is placed on the preparation of the financial statements in formats appropriate for use in decision-making process.

Principles of Management

BUS400203, Principles of Management, (3, BUS400101):- This course presents the modern management practices as they apply in the today’s business world. The course discusses the five functions of management: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading, and Controlling. It addresses the functions of management from classical, behavioral, contingency and system perspectives. The course, furthermore, addresses the organization’s environment .It gives a clear idea about the basic functions of a manager.

Semester 3 - Year 2

Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
NSCI180101 Introduction to Environmental Science 3
BUS400301 International Business 3 BUS 400203
BUS400302 Managerial Accounting 3 BUS 400202
BUS400303 Microeconomics 3 MATH 130102
BUS400304 Organizational Behavior 3 BUS 400203
Total Credit Hours 15  

Introduction to Environmental Science

NSCI180101, Introduction to Environmental Science, (3):- An introduction to environmental science with a focus on global environmental problems and the scientific basis for these. The social and economic impacts of environmental problems are also examined with a particular focus on issues facing the UAE.

International Business

BUS400301, International Business, (3, BUS400203):-  This overview course explores key international business dimensions in terms of their core concepts, and highlights the business and social implications of these core concepts from the perspective of managers and public-policy makers. It provides the students with the knowledge and skills of the theories and the key concepts of International Business as they relate to the economy, markets, governments and organizations and to apply these theories, concepts and updates in international business activities and processes. It also aims to inculcate ethical and socio-cultural sensitivity in students in a diverse and global business setting.

Managerial Accounting

BUS400302, Managerial Accounting, (3, BUS400202):- An introduction to the principles of management accounting, cost concepts and behavior useful for decision-making. The use of accounting data for cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, pricing and evaluation of performance. It covers product costing, incremental analysis and capital investments planning. This course also introduces standard costs setting, balanced scorecard and financial statements analysis.


BUS400303, Microeconomics, (3, MATH130102):- This course will focus on contemporary microeconomics and provide a conceptual foundation for analysis of policy.  Whether it is explaining the behavior of consumers, producers or government, microeconomics lies at the heart of decision making.  The course considers the operation of a market economy and the problem of how best to allocate society’s scarce resources.  The course considers the way in which various decision units in the economy (individuals and firms) make their consumption and production decisions and how these decisions are coordinated.  It considers the laws of supply and demand, and introduces the theory of the firms, and its components, production and cost theories and models of market structure.

Organizational Behavior

BUS400304, Organizational Behavior, (3, BUS400203):- This course provides an introduction of the concepts and theories of human behavior at the individual, group or organizational level which exert great influence on the operation of an organization. The application of these behavioral management concepts is aimed on improving organizational effectiveness. This course will assist students to develop skills in analyzing a broad range of behavioral and management issues including the relationship of organizational behavior to organizational culture, organizational structure, the roles and responsibilities of managers, power and politics, leadership and teamwork issues, and organizational change leading to eventual organizational success.

Semester 4 - Year 2

Course Code Course Name Cr/h Pre-requisite
BUS400401 Business Law 3 BUS 400201
BUS400402 Corporate Financial Management 3 BUS 400202, BUS 400302, MATH 130102
BUS400403 Macroeconomics 3 BUS 400303
BUS400404 Principles of Marketing 3 BUS 400303
General Education Elective 1 3
Total Credit Hours 15  

Business Law

BUS400401, Business Law, (3, BUS400201):- Effective managers and employees must develop knowledge of both law and business because people involved in business also are involved in, and greatly affected by, the law concerning business. In the present business environment the link between law and business is growing day by day to prevent and protect stakeholders’ business interest, regulate and execute terms of contracts so that business operations can be conducted smoothly with / without minimum legal glitches. In this course, we are giving more emphasize to the law of contract.

Corporate Financial Management

BUS400402, Corporate Financial Management, (3, BUS400202,BUS400302,MATH130102):- The purpose of this course is to provide students an understanding of the rapidly evolving and existing theory of finance. It will enable the student to evaluate how close the firm’s investment, financing, and dividend decisions come to its objective of maximizing shareholder wealth. The course will familiarize students with the ways in which analytical techniques are applied to a variety of problems in financial management. This course provides an introduction to financial principles including planning, procuring, and controlling short and long-term financial resources. It examines cash and capital budgeting, asset pricing, costs of capital, and equity and security valuation.


BUS400403, Macroeconomics, (3, BUS400303):- This course is an introduction to macroeconomic theory and policy implications.  The course provides an overview of determination of output, interest rates, unemployment, and inflation.  The effectiveness of different macroeconomic stabilization policies to promote growth is also discussed. The course also illustrates principles with the experience of the UAE and other economies.

Principles of Marketing

BUS400404, Principles of Marketing, (3, BUS400303):- This course examines an introduction to the key principles, processes and practices involved in marketing and its interaction with the local and global business environment. These topics are focused on: analyzing the market and consumers with due emphasis on marketing research; understanding the marketing mix: highlighting product development, pricing, distribution and the promotion of goods and services to satisfy the target market. Toward the end of the course, the student is expected to outline a marketing plan.   Furthermore, a whole chapter discussion on ethics and social responsibility to promote sustainable marketing is also emphasized.

Semester 5 - Year 3

Course Code Course Name Cr/h Pre-requisite
SSCI170102 Introduction to Sociology 3
BUS400501 Organizational Theory 3 BUS 400203
BUS400502 Principles of Financial Accounting II 3 BUS 400202
BUS400503 Quantitative Analysis for Business 3 BUS  400203, MATH  130102
BUS450501 Human Resources Management 3
General  Education  Elective 2 3
Total Credit Hours 18

Introduction to Sociology

SSCI170102, Introduction to Sociology, (3):-  This course provides an overview of sociology and how it applies to everyday life. Major theoretical outlook and concepts are presented and examined to understand the social world. The course focuses on the systematic understanding of social interaction, social structure, cultural diversity and social change. Topics include society and culture, groups and organizations, social class and social institutions.

Principles of Financial Accounting II

BUS400502, Principles of Financial Accounting II, (3, BUS400202):- This course complements Principles of Financial Accounting I.  It provides details on the preparation of financial statements with more emphasis on the components of the balance sheet items such as plant assets, intangible assets, natural resources, short and long term investments, current and long term liabilities and stock holder’s equity. The course gives clear idea about the different legal forms of companies (sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation) and the different accounting treatments. The course also introduces the statement of cash flows and how to prepare it as well as the basics of financial statement analysis which are helpful in assessing company’s profitability and financial position.

Quantitative Analysis for Business

BUS400503, Quantitative Analysis for Business, (3, BUS400203,MATH130102):- This course reviews the basic quantitative methods used in business decision-making.  The major focus of the course will be on decision-making under certainty and uncertainty such as linear programming.  Some of the specific topics to be covered will include problem formulation, graphic solutions, different forms of linear programming such as transportation and assignment models, queuing theory, decision analysis, inventory systems, and forecasting.

Human Resources Management

BUS450501, Human Resources Management, (3):- The course provides students with the recent developments and comprehensive theories in Human Resource Management (HRM). It aims to develop the knowledge and skill in the functional areas of the profession particularly staffing, human resource development, performance management, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations. The course highlights comprehensive HRM as a body of knowledge that incorporates current international practices to advance the creative skills and intellectual independence ensuring the demonstration of Global HRM awareness and competency practice among its students.

Semester 6 - Year 3

Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
ENG110102 Academic Writing II 3 ENG 110101
SSCI170103 Ethics and Citizenship Rights 3
BUS400601 Globalization 3 BUS 400301
BUS400602 Operations Management 3 BUS  400503
BUS440601 Bank Management 3 BUS  400402
Total Credit Hours 15

Academic Writing II

ENG110102, Academic Writing II, (3, ENG110101):- This course is a continuation of English I (Academic Writing I). It is designed to provide students with a practical and efficient approach to acquiring the skills, strategies, and knowledge that are necessary for succeeding in academic course works. The course engages students to continue to develop writing and reading skills in preparation for academic specialization or employment requiring a competent level of communicative ability.

Ethics and Citizens Rights

SSCI170103, Ethics and Citizens Rights, (3):-  This course is designed to familiarize the students with the major moral theories and practice of ethics from the worldview perspective. It introduces students to the ethical theory to apply them to specific classic and contemporary moral problems such as lying, cheating, and establishing ethical business practices, honoring ethical obligations that constitute the basic fabric of everyday moral life cutting across the public and private lives.

Operations Management

BUS400602, Operations Management, (3, BUS400503):- The aims of the course are provide an in introduction to the field of operations management as one of the major fields in the study of business administration. The course will furnish students with the aspects of business operations: designing, planning, directing and controlling of all the facilities, processor and activities required to an efficiently transform of inputs (raw materials, personnel, machines, services). The course director students to the theoretical and operations management issues in any type of organizations.

Bank Management

BUS440601, Bank Management, (3, BUS400402):- This course describes both the theory and practice of banking, bank management, and banking operations from a financial-management perspective.  Focusing on dynamic and rapidly changing financial-services industry, the course explores modern financial management decision-making and highlights the importance of adapting and creating value as the way for firms to succeed.

Semester 7 - Year 4

Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
BUS400701 Business Ethics 3 SSCI170103, BUS400101
BUS400702 Research Methodology 3 ENG110102, MATH130102
BUS450702 Training and Development 3
BUS440702 Islamic Banking and Finance 3 BUS400402
Specialized Course Elective 1 3
Total Credit Hours 15  

Business Ethics

BUS400701, Business Ethics, (3, SSCI170103, BUS400101):- The purpose of the course is to communicate theoretical and practical insights and developments in the field of business ethics. The course will help students better understand how businesses interact with the societies in which they operate. Using cases and discussion points, the course will examine the ethical problems involved in real-life business situations. Some of the major topics to be covered include: The Foundation of Ethical Thought, Stakeholders and Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and the Environment, Ethics and Financial Reporting and other related topics.

Research Methodology

BUS400702, Research Methodology, (3, ENG110102, MATH130102):- The course provides an introduction to research methods in social sciences in general and business administration in particular. The primary aim of the course is to equip the students with essential research techniques they would use in advanced specialized courses. The course will cover a range of topics, including in particular, research design, sampling theory, data collection tools, questionnaire development, and program evaluation methodology. The course will also cover data analysis methods involving both exploratory and hypotheses testing techniques.

Training and Development

BUS450702, Training and Development, (3):- The purpose of this course is to provide the students with information and insight into the training and development function in organizations. The training and development function will be viewed from a systems approach, such that we will examine the entire cycle of Training and Development, from the assessment of training needs to the evaluation of a training program, within the context of today’s organizations and the global market. The course emphasizes critical knowledge and skills in various learning theories, systems approach, effective instructional training systems which include the entire cycle of learning.

Islamic Banking and Finance

BUS440702, Islamic Banking and Finance, (3, BUS400402):- This course highlights the key characteristics of Islam banking which is different from conventional banking.  It highlights how Islamic banking is consistent with the Sharia’s and, as such, an important part of the system is the prohibition on collecting interest.  The course also shows how this central religious appears to rule out most aspects of modern finance but it does allow money to be used for trading tangible assets and business, which can then generate profit.  The course looks at all aspects of Islamic banking, including detailed chapters on its creation through to explanations of Murabaha and Musharaka contracts, Ijara and Istisna’a financing methods, as well as Salam and Takaful insurance.

Semester 8 - Year 4

Course Code Course Name CH Pre-requisite
HUM160102 Introduction to Humanities 3
BUS400801 Strategic Management (Capstone Course) 3 BUS400702, BUS400501,

90 credit hrs.

BUS450802 Employee Relations and UAE Labor Law 3 BUS450501, BUS400401
BUS440802 International Finance 3 BUS 400402
  Specialized Course Elective 2 3
Total Credit Hours 15  

Introduction to Humanities

HUM160102, Introduction to Humanities, (3):- Introduction to Humanities focuses on the study and appreciation of major forms of artistic expression- visual and performing arts, literature, music and religion of various world cultures. The course explores artistic heritage, values, philosophies and ideas expressed through a historical perspective from the ancient, middle, to the modern periods.

Strategic Management

BUS400801, Strategic Management Capstone Course, (3, BUS400702, BUS400501, 90 credit hrs.):- This advanced course focuses on all aspects of the strategic management process which include the company vision, mission, goals and objectives; the formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategies. It further develops an understanding among students about the relationship of strategies with policies-its formulation and evaluation. The course also addresses issues relating to the corresponding resource analysis and the consequent allocation techniques.

Employees Relations and UAE Labor Laws

BUS450802, Employee Relations and UAE Labor Law, (3, BUS450501, BUS400401):- This course focuses on the relationship between employer and employee particularly the application of commercial law in companies and workplace situations Students recognize competing and conflicting legal interests, rights and obligations in various commercial context; understand methods of legal dispute settlement; analyze factual situations; and apply the appropriate law.

International Finance

BUS440802, International Finance, (3, BUS 400402):- This course offers a real world grasp of the concepts and issues in international finance.  A wealth of examples are provided to enable students to see the implications of the course to business, mostly from Multinational Corporations (MNCs).  The course discusses important topics such as international financial markets, measuring exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, managing transaction exposure, foreign direct investment, and country risk analysis.