The college of Information Technology at  University of Fujairah  founded in order to keep up with the rising and growing developments in the field of information technology, the college offers bachelor degree in two main disciplines; bachelor in computer networks and information security and bachelor in Internet and e-commerce.

The College of Information Technology contributes, to the local and regional labor markets, qualified and professional graduates who are able to keep pace with the mounting requirements in the field of information technology. The College has a number of qualified teaching staff with experience in applied & research fields, who can improve the educational process and the university computing needs.

Dean’s Message
In the College of Information Technology, we are seeking to be one of the leading colleges in the UAE by offering academic programs that meet the highest international standards and providing laboratories equipped with the latest technologies to meet practical aspects, because we believe in the importance of integrating the practical aspects with the theoretical.
We will do our best to ensure an outstanding success for our students by preparing them as a professional graduate to play a critical role in the community. Our graduates will have the opportunity to work in network and security sector.

Mission - Goals - Objectives

The mission of the CIT is to fulfill the needs of the job market of qualified technical personnel and professionals who are capable of advancement and creativity in various disciplines of information technology directing the track of scientific research towards serving the local and regional community.



  1. Provide students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for entry level jobs in the information technology environment.
  2. Provide flexible and ladderize degrees in Associate of Arts (AA) in Information Technology and Bachelor of Information Technology.
  3. Deliver IT curricular programs for cutting-edge technologies and informatics.



The CIT intends to:

  1. Equip and prepare highly qualified graduates in the field of network technology through employing educational curriculum and teaching methods of modern international standards.
  2. Rely on interaction, integration and specialization in building and preparing qualified and capable professionals in the fields of information technology.
  3. Encourage and support specialized scientific research and practical studies in the field of computer networks and data security for the local society and UAE alike.
  4. Encourage and support specialized scientific research and practical studies in the field of Internet & Ecommerce and providing professional solutions for the local business markets.
  5. Utilize and develop the methods of blended learning, education technology resources, and use the latest references and equipment
Community Engagement
The College of Information Technology is seriously taking into consideration the tremendous importance of its responsibility towards the inside and outside communities. This role is reflected through performing and organizing a number of activities, tasks, and services either requested by the college or initiated by the faculty member himself for internal and/or external units. Also, the college believes that engaging with the community is a two-way benefit. The first is that the college helps to improve the community that we are part of. The second benefit is that our students diversify their knowledge and improve their soft skills. These events are represented in:

  • Participating in the (Fujairah career fair and education).
  • Participating in the GITEX for technology.
  • Participating in the Sharjah book fair.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Information Technology - Networking and Security

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Academic Staff

Dr. Mulhim Al Doori
Dr. Bassem Mohmoud Ali Mokhar
James Nathaniel Carmichael