Job Title: Ass. Manager – Student Affairs and Shared Services

Main responsibilities:

  • Work to implement the university’s vision in relation to the community environment unit, support services, student recruitment, student training and qualification, and extension services
  • Setting the budget for the administration of student affairs in line with the plan of activities and known external participation.
  • Supervising the formation of the Student Council and Student Clubs and following up the implementation of their plans and activities.
  • Supervising the implementation of all students’ activities (social, cultural, sports, artistic, competitions, conferences, workshops, courses, trips, official celebrations, graduation ceremonies, official visits, external participations ……. etc.)
  • Preparing the student handbook to include student decisions and instructions every three years.
  • Coordinating, attending and recording the minutes of student meetings and participating in the membership of student issues committees.
  • Student circulate all decisions and instructions issued regarding the students, both from the Ministry of Education or the university administration
  • Maintaining a permanent relationship with university graduates by inviting them to participate in the university’s activities and providing them with all that is new in courses and workshops that improve their career level.
  • Work to consolidate relations with local community institutions and the private sector to make use of the jobs available to them for university graduates.
  • Follow-up of grant students and financial aid from external agencies and provide these authorities with the required reports.


  • Master of Business Administration or equivalent in a similar discipline


  • Minimum 3 years Master degree in the same field
  • Bachelor’s degree with 6 years of experience in the same field


  • Teamwork
  • Strategic thinking
  • Leading change
  • Familiarity with all policies, procedures, and regulations related to the field of work
  • Skills of preparing work guides, developing data, and developing plans
  • Fluency in Arabic and English