Job Title: Manager of Consultative Center for Continuous Learning, Science and Technology

  • Main Responsibilities:
  1. Preparing the strategic plan for training and continuous learning programs and supervising their implementation.
  2. Preparing marketing plans for the center’s programs.
  3. Establish principles and controls for management, direct operations, and define key performance indicators.
  4. Developing a plan to strengthen relationships with internal partners (NQA) to ensure the provision of services according to the best standards.
  5. Establish programs that enhance continuous learning, develop, train and motivate work teams to ensure the provision of services of the highest quality.
  6. Periodic follow-up of performance indicators and preparing reports of achievement ratios at the center and submitting them to the university director.
  7. Participate in preparing the center’s budget in coordination with the specialized units at the university.
  • Qualification and Competencies:
  1. Minimum qualifications:

 Master of Business Administration or equivalent in a similar discipline Or a Doctorate in Business Administration or equivalent in a similar discipline

  1. Experiences:

Minimum 3 years in the field of continuous learning, science and technology

  1. Competencies:

o    Teamwork

o    The ability to communicate and solve problems

o    Familiarity with all policies, procedures and regulations related to the field of work

o    Leading change

o    Empowering employees and developing their capabilities

o   Strategic thinking