Job Title: Supervisor Student Recruitment

  • Main Responsibilities:          
  1. Preparing a proposal for the department’s strategic plan and contributing to its development, preparing and following up the implementation of the operational plans to ensure their balance with the department’s objectives
  2. Establish principles, controls to manage direct operations and improve productivity.
  3. Periodic follow-up of performance indicators and preparing reports of achievement percentages in the department and submitting them to the director of the department.
  4. Participate in preparing the department’s budget in coordination with the competent units in the entity.
  5. Receiving evaluation and sorting applications for admission to the university according to the criteria.
  6. Examining requests and completing the necessary administrative procedures.
  7. Follow-up procedures for new students related to admission processes and check their files
  8. Creating a database that includes all graduates to maintain constant communication with them.
  9. recruit talented, driven, and innovative students locally, regionally and internationally.
  10. build strong relationships with schools, companies, and public sector organizations to share the message of commitment of the UOF to shape the future of the UAE’s youth.
  11. work and coordinate closely with prospective students and their families and provide them with relevant information to support their fundamental decision to enter University and choose a major.
  12. ensure prospective students and their families enjoy a personalized positive experience in transitioning to University life.
  13. University marketing.
  14. Students admission.
  • Qualification and Competencies:
  1. Minimum qualifications:

Master of Business Administration or equivalent in a similar discipline

  1. Experiences:

                 Minimum 3 years Master degree in the same field

Bachelor’s degree with 6 years of experience in the same field

  1. Competencies:

o   Teamwork

o   Strategic thinking

o   Leading change

o   Familiarity with all policies, procedures and regulations related to the field of work

o   Skills of preparing work guides, developing data and developing plans

o   Fluency in Arabic and English